Special Session

We are delighted to confirm the following invited speakers:

  • Sarah Creel (UCSD)
  • Chris Cummins (Edinburgh)
  • Judith Degen (Stanford)
  • Chris Potts (Stanford)
  • Jesse Snedeker (Harvard)
  • Gregory Ward (Northwestern)

Experimental Pragmatics: Advancing Theory and Method

Research in pragmatics has shown marked recent theoretical progress. Current research successfully models not only contextual influences from linguistic structure and visually available context, but also factors such as interlocutors, world knowledge, mutually sustained beliefs and intentions. Recent progress in the field can be linked to researchers' ability to leverage novel methods, such as mining multi-interlocutor text interactions in social media, web-crawling language produced and understood via electronic means such as texting, internet blogs and other web-based platforms, and collecting data via Mechanical Turk. These approaches have expanded the available testable hypotheses as well as the diversity and representativeness of the language data under study. Pragmatics theorists have also been particularly open to incorporating insights from experimentally-generated results into developing theories of language interpretation. The special session on Experimental Pragmatics aims to take stock of recent progress in this burgeoning sub-field and help to set the agenda for future research in this domain.

The core of the special session is a series of invited talks by speakers with relevant expertise and diverse backgrounds. We also encourage submissions of talks and posters that address the theme of the special session.